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Americans Are Now Drinking More Bottled Water Than Soda. – Americans Are Now Drinking More Bottled Water Than Soda Believe it or not, Americans are now drinking more bottled water than soda, Reuters reports . In addition, soda consumption is at an all time low.

In Major First, Americans Will Drink More Water Than Soda In. – market research firm euromonitor crunched the numbers and found that Americans are projected to buy more water than soda in 2016, at an average of 27.4 and 26.2 gallons, respectively.

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CalorieLab » Foreign Stories (Non-U.S.) – Europeans drink the most, at 3.1 gallons per person per year, while North Americans consume 2.5 gallons and people in the eastern Mediterranean, at 0.2 gallons a year, drink the least. More men than women drink heavily, and 45 percent of men and 66 percent of women are said to abstain completely.

Sports Drinks Makers Are Waging an $8 Billion Thirst War – “Consumers are more concerned than. NPD Group. “Sugar content has an especially high awareness.” Duane Stanford, executive editor at trade publication Beverage Digest, says legacy soda makers are.

LaCroix, Topo Chico, and Other Seltzer Brands Are Showing Strong Growth – american retailers sold more than 1.9 billion liters of the beverages for more than $2 billion in 2016, according to data from Euromonitor International. That is still just a small fraction of the.

Nestlé Makes Billions Bottling Water It Pays Nearly Nothing For – Today, Americans often drink bottled water. more than 1,100 emails in three days (the number is now 81,000). “It sent a shock wave through most communities in Michigan,” says Olson, the lawyer, who.

For years, public health campaigns and laws have been trying to wean Americans, and especially American children, off of soda. And now, something does seem to have changed. Garou: Mark of the.

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Given the slump in sales of soda. ve turned to a more libertarian message that appeals to a sizeable number of Americans. It seems to say, be healthy or drink a Coke.’ And why not just do what you.

Americans Drank More Water Than Soda in 2016 – Live Trading News – Americans are Now Drinking More Water Than Soda. It’s official: Americans drank more bottled water than soda in Y 2016. After decades-long streak of strong growth, bottled water has surpassed carbonated soft drinks to become the largest beverage category by volume in the United States in Y 2016, according to research and consulting firm Beverage Marketing Corp.